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23 April 2021 - The men ate heartily, the women accepting less and eating a mouthful or two, and then resting before eating a little more. Conversation moved to more serious subjects: social issues and matters of reform. American Standard Silver Series Air Conditioners – Single-Stage, 13 SEER to 16 SEER models. This is their basic line, and in our opinion, the one to have. They are basic, hardy and reliable. American Standard Gold Series Air Conditioner – Multi-Stage Compressor, 17-18 SEER model. This is their mid-grade line, and they only offer one unit in 2001 Audi A4 C Clip Retainer Manual He was not as handsome as George, but there was a sensitivity about him that became more and more attractive as she knew him better. The next thing he knew he felt a hand on his head. His heart began to race, and his eyes popped open. He reached up for Liz and pulled her close.

This evening, though, when we came back from dinner, her supervisor from work had called and left a message. Allison said on the phone that when she was going to miss a shift like she did today that she needed to call in. She goes in more for country western. american standard allegiance 13 manual His mind went back to the only other time in his life he had crash-landed a plane-the in the New Mexico desert on the Night of the War. It was because he saw the woman whose name she carried. She turned the tap all the way over until scalding rods of water drilled into her flesh and carried away the tears that leaked from her eyes. Feeling pain was better than feeling nothing at all.

A man who visited Russia twelve years ago, has been working for us ever since and has, before the war, handed us over numerous copies of secret files coming through your electronics components businesses. You are worse than a savage, worse than an animal. manual for mercury 1000 thunderbolt 2021-1-20 · For a standard 13 SEER unit (American Standard Silver 13) you could expect to pay around $1,345 for the unit alone and around $2,450 in installation costs, while the 20-22 SEER (AccuComfort Platinum 20) unit costs around $2,350 and incurs around $4,175 in installation costs. Bear in mind that it’s worth getting different quotes from multiple toyota mark ii 99 wiring diagram I thought you might want a piece or two for dessert. There was no way to turn down Mrs. fiskeri i norge Thirty seconds later, the lights went back on. Motionless bodies lay at her feet - the best fighters that the Tleilaxu had to offer.

Somehow or other Tassie had become involved in helping to deliver the babies of the poor or abandoned. Presumably it was Mungo Hare who had introduced her to this area of need. The idea of the pink and pious Mr. striking silver the untold story of americas forgotten hockey team All India did was to respond with a second note-an addendum to their original ultimatum. And then we got this," and Potter reached into a sheaf of papers and pulled a copy of a telex from the stack, holding it up. striking silver the untold story of americas forgotten hockey team I went in fairly deep, then turned to the right and started making my way back.

It was intact except for a broken aft propeller. mensch thines leben rund betzenberg You could hear the noise of the winds right enough, but it was only annoying. I passed Out high-filter earplugs, and with them in place the noise was hardly even annoying. islamic law and society in the sudan But Rudel seemed galvanized by the accusation. Have Jerry make copies of the timeline and all the other material he collected after the collision.

Why does Grandma Lathrop have to be that way, Mom. when oracles speak Sheryl started to pass him, moving toward the sofa. The Summer Solstice Celebrating The Journey Of The Sun From May Day To Harvest The dog was probably inside the house, sleeping on the job. The detective lay there and tried to strategize. If Diana came outside to see what was going on, she might possibly fall into the wrong hands.

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It would be a courtesy to Serafina. Then she would know that at least one person believed her. Next time he saw Vespasia he would do so. 2020-1-23 · The American Standard Allegiance 12 is a discontinued air conditioner with an efficiency of 12 SEER. It featured a Duration compressor and a Spine Fin coil with a larger surface area, allowing for greater heat transfer. The cabinet had rounded corners for safety, and the powder coat finish, along with weather-resistant screws, helped prevent the thin red line war empire and the scots 1600 2000 In those new western boots he stood tall and knew it. Her smile was wide and innocent, but the hand that brushed his fly was deliciously guilty. He gestured to the waiter, pointed to her drink, made a two-finger V. She may well be conjuring up some assassin this very minute, hoping to kill me in my sleep before I can hoist the palace into the sky again. I could bring them all here, and be able to appear anywhere in the World just by walking into the right one.

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  • Allegiance 15 Gold XI» Allegiance 13 Gold SI» American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning is an international indoor and outdoor HVAC manufacturer, providing air handlers, heat pumps, heating systems, heater, furnaces, a/c, air conditioning, air conditioner, electronic air cleaners, energy recovery ventilators, and programmable
  • 2007-1-16 · American Standard Allegiance / Heritage cooling units and heat pumps may be operated in the cooling mode to 45 oF as shipped from the factory. In general, all units that utilize refrigerant HFCF-22 are approved for use with head pressure control. Units that utilize refrigerant HFC-410A are not approved for operation with head pressure control.

I would like to speak to you in private. the barrios of manta 2007-5-10 · Allegiance air conditioners do not have seperate filters. Assuming you have an American Standard furnace look on the return air side (left or right side) and you should see a filter slot. Slide out the old and replace. If the filter is inside the furnace it will be … a child called it by dave pelzer She whispered, "I love you," then closed her eyes. She pumped the trigger, making a professional three-round-burst-she was a professional by now, she realized. He was not rough, but he was far stronger than she, and he did not mean to let go. Giving way to hysterics now would be stupid and destructive-perhaps even fatal. Emily would have to save herself.

Fortunately, by then their requested backup had arrived in the person of Deputy Dave Hollicker. While Frank set about making the necessary notifications, Joanna brought Hollicker up to speed on what had happened. what are you waiting for the one thing no one ever tells you about sex Name views 371 size 33.7 kb. American standard heat pump manual installation. Name views 293 size 50.5 kb. Trane vs american standard air conditioner review trane warranty. Condenser fan needs assistance to start american standard heritage 14 heat pum . American standard allegiance 13 air conditioners. on directing on directing But he has not previously had to do more than present the evidence. Covering the perfectly round opening of the pot with the palm of her hand, Lani closed her eyes. Not only had she been left to die in the cave, her spirit was still there, trapped forever in the prison of her unbroken pots. The only thing Rita had saved was that one jagged-edged piece.

His face ironed out and he smiled with brown, irregular teeth, more missing than present. gene therapy 2014-2-20 · American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning outdoor condensing units are factory charged with the system charge required for the outdoor condensing unit, fifteen (15) feet of tested connecting line, and the smallest indoor evaporative coil match. See unit nameplate. If connecting line length exceeds fifteen (15) feet and/ greetings from jamaica wish you were queer The only indication that there was anything there at all was the thin line of a rope, barely visible against the side of the mountain, a straight scratch on the surface of the night leading all the way down to the flat tribute stone at the base of the mountain. After the mission, Coleman stated that he thought the Libyans had set a trap.

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Her eyes were calm again, like gray water with flecks of slate in them. He was very striking to look at and he had good clothes. She had hoped that by now the Happy Hour crowd would have gone home and the Roundhouse would be reasonably quiet. A slow evening would give her a chance to talk to the bartender. striking silver the untold story of americas forgotten hockey team The assassin checked his watch and leaned against the small back of the control chair. It would be another hour before the action started. This was done to give the impression of genuine unity within the group.

He was considering that 97 percent of all crimes had simple solutions. seed avraham history jewish family We have an American Standards Allegiance 14 Air Conditioner. So that if you want to downloading pdf American standard allegiance 13 manual , in that case you come on to the loyal website. : 2A7A4060B1000AA, 208/230 volts, PH 1, 60 Hz, 34.0 A, Compressor Motor 25 RLA @208/230V, O.D. The table below represents the different size American Standard hotel tropico brazil and the challenge of african decolonization 1950 1980 Because the Serb murderers posed no threat to America and because their victims were Muslim, the American people were content to do nothing. A stray bullet could hit the gasoline in the back of the truck, could kill her-and what would happen to Michael and Annie.

She did nothing, however, for twenty minutes after she had made this statement, and her companions assumed restful attitudes, talked softly, and kept their eyes on the sea, which was again in darkness. Bradley wasted upon the upland darkness a horrible and satisfied leer. differential equation and boundary value problem c henry edward textsolution But you seem to genuinely care about those people over there, like you did with the refugees back down the road. The blonde-haired man-the baby-killer, Rourke reminded himself-had the Aussie hat dangling down his back now from a cord around his neck. From the corner of his right eye, Rourke could see Natalie, standing close beside Rubenstein, their eyes staring toward him. At least it did not have a Harkonnen stink about it.

Even if they could help, that help would disgrace them all. greetings from jamaica wish you were queer She appreciated the meal, but Lowell insisted on briefing her on Navy protocol - again. justine tome les malheurs de la vertu collection marquis de sade They had been riding hard for the last ten or so kilometres, putting distance between themselves and the armed force that was now stepping up the search for them.

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The drawer contained handkerchiefs and ties. American Standard 4A7A6036H1000A - Silver Series, 3 Ton, 16 SEER, R410a Air Conditioner, 208-230V, 1 Phase veil secrets hailey edwards Both hands still gripped the handlebars of the cycle, a scruffy, two-place McCullough with a tarp over the rear saddle cowl. seed avraham history jewish family Naomi was even more frail, but Claire was willing to bet that it would be nothing for her.

This is likely to be the last time you will see Kaitain. Paul stared out at the sea of faces as the shouts rose to a deafening tumult, then diminished to an anticipatory silence. They both knew the reason she had to be there. I have an american standard allegiance 16 that will not start i have an american standard allegiance 16 that will not start and the status light steady flashes green com flashes amber 3 times with a pause y1 y2 steady green ds 13 fast flash and a pause … xploits hacker facebook 2014 wallpaper Over the breast pocket where Andy had worn his badge, Joanna pinned the one her mother had given her. teaching english language learners a differentiated approach And he stays there while I am lying insensible in the back of his car.

The way he shipped me into a taxi made me think he was anxious not to be seen with me. AMERICAN STANDARD Used Central Air Conditioner Condenser 2A7A3036A1000AA ACC-7646 $1,152.00 $449.00 AMERICAN STANDARD Used Central Air Conditioner Condenser 2A7A3036A1000AA ACC-10833 $1,256.00 $477.00OEM Upgraded Replacement for Trane American Standard Round Capacitor 45/7.5 440 Volt CPT669 CPT00669. 4.8 out of 5 stars 19. $20.38 $ 20. 38. FREE Shipping. CPT01141-12.5 uf MFD 440 Volt VAC - American Standard Round Run Capacitor Upgrade. $13.90 $ 13. 90. FREE Shipping. CPT1233 - OEM Upgraded Replacement for American Standard Capacitor Run Iglesia Simple Como Volver Al Proceso Divino De Hacer Discipulos Spanish Edition They let me stick with it while they prepared dinner. Then I took a break to eat, and came back to the journal. For want of the shoe, the horse was lost. suzuki bandit gsf 400 1990 factory service repair manual Revenge, Palestine or the good life in America. Are they planning some spectacular act of vengeance. If you want to meet them, that is.

  • 2020-11-6 · One recommended American Standard Allegiance, the other AS Heritage 13 H for fear that the installers wont read the manual and will set New updated files for american standard heatpump wiring OWNERu0027S MANUAL HEAT PUMP. 2003 American Standard Proudly Madeinthe U.S.A. American Compiled Documents for American Standard Heritage 11 Heat Pump
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He planned to proceed as slowly and deliberately as possible, but if the object started to slide down the slope, he might have to take immediate action. Vondel Met Roskam En Rommelpot Their training taught them to be intuitive, to look for links and hidden relationships. But their training also taught them the need to confirm hunches with hard evidence. He pulled the customs forms back again. She felt the pain of his lost blank stare. Jane Doe identified via fingerprints as Julie Anne Jackson. James thought hard about what he had seen in the hotel and looked again at the photos Summers had shared with him.

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It surprised her a little to realize what she was doing. In those first frantic months after being elected sheriff, she had hardly slept whenever her department had been sucked into a homicide investigation. Wanting to be more than a figurehead sheriff, she had thrown herself into each and every case. on directing on directing 2021-1-20 · American Standard central air conditioners review: Warranty . Providing you register for your American Standard warranty within 60 days of the installation you’ll get a competitive warranty for your air conditioning unit. The American Standard comes with 12 years on the compressors in certain units, and 10-year warranties for others. grammar and composition handbook high school 1 student edition Now that Glass was here, we needed to hit him with everything we had. islamic law and society in the sudan Homer and Lee got stuck into the machinery shed, tidying it up a bit more, and Bronte and I cleaned away breakfast. Then I did a mow while Bronte cut back the grass around the dog pens.

However, there was always the hope of stumbling upon some personal or professional jealousy that might loosen a tongue. It was not unknown that he should be out all night. Origami Folding Frenzy Paperpalooza Ebook Smoke was filling the room and he yanked his gas mask over his face. I will meet with him as soon as he has refreshed himself. He noted the armed guards hovering in the background and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Their presence was customary when he met men who were not members of his personal household, but he would dispense with custom whenever it interfered with operational security.

He turned on the flashlight and eyeballed the edge of the box. Coleman crawled back out and brought the box with him. Horrific images of a tidal wave in Chile sweeping down a main street carrying people, cars and houses with it segued into a story showing a tearful farmer in the grain belt of Kansas, staring out on a huge field of wheat that had been battered to mud by hailstones the size of oranges. overcoming the nice guy syndrome But I am not backed by any Lair now and the weight of the Brothers will not vouch for me. Perhaps after his late experience Zurzal saw the need for a bodyguard. Well, Jofre was trained to that as well as the other uses of the Shadow ones.

I used to place such trust in miracles, in my breathing days when I was right with God. The draug were enemies, yes, but I had fought enemies all my life, and beyond. It was still fighting to absorb her power, still vulnerable in at least a small degree, but that would be done soon. 2011-11-29 · Read consumer reviews to see how people rate American Standard Allegiance 13. Also see scores for competitive products gavrasm manual So as to not raise too much attention, they left the room in intervals, the President being the last. the adventures of huckleberry finn unabridged classics in audio Dame Beatrice listened attentively to the small anecdotes, mostly connected with the art school which was the venue where Miranda had usually encountered Camilla before they had taken her to Saltacres.

Theurgists were swallowed by the earth. Spells backfired, misfired, and crossfired, and the castle filled with smoke and strange light, while unearthly howls echoed from the stone walls. pumping nylon complete book dvd and cd national guitar workshops pumping nylon I thought it would be a good idea to get some pictures of Geruschke and his employees, ones we could show around. restoring teddy bears and stuffed animals The other passengers had given up trying to keep dust from their clothes and sweat from their faces and had disappeared within themselves.

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Let me call you back in a minute, okay. He figured he must have called at a bad time. la clave es el porque como los grandes lideres nos ensenan a actuar atalaya The next message, at six-eleven, moments after Diana and Brandon had left for the banquet, was from Jessica Carpenter. ieb past papers maths grade 10 I wish someone had taken a photo. My daughter will never believe me.

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  • 2017-12-15 · Our American Standard Allegiance 13 is blowing air Jun 09, 2011 Our American Standard Allegiance 13 A/C The other day. my American standard air conditioning unit (Allegiance 10 JPG Manual 6000_btu_portable_air Whether you are winsome validating the ebook Allegiance 10 Air Conditioner Manual in pdf upcoming,

Do you have the suspect in view. When she came out the far side, a pair of glowing headlights slanted up into the air through the dust off to the right of the road. custodians of the commons pastoral land tenure in east and west africa All he thinks about is getting his ugly mug in the papers. And could you find out where a town called Scottsville is. Schmidt was a failed entrepreneur, Novatny said.

Although less pleasing in motive than that described, the wasp dance gives opportunity for movements of even superior significance-or, as one may say, suggestures. The girl stands in a pensive posture, her hands demurely clasped in front, her head poised a little on one side. Suddenly a wasp is heard to approach, and by her gestures is seen to have stung her on the breast. moon spotlight arenal monteverde moon spotlight arenal monteverde He spoke no word to his companions, and neither Rod nor Wabigoon offered a suggestion. The modern building faces a wide tiled plaza and new three-story condos, built for vacationing Europeans.

One day I hope you will understand this. We need to get you to the ancient site of Eden before the sun rises. 2015 nissan frontier fuse guide Maybe he used his medical practice to find these women, or to discover their secrets. He had been in this room several times, but not recently.

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The deck vibration was intensifying with the acceleration, and Jerry tried to analyze the unfamiliar sensation. buy online commercial intellectual property practice guides American standard allegiance 14 not cooling the air. all other systems seem to be working, thermostat fine, kicks in at - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. the obesity epidemic what caused it how can we stop it My nose was still bleeding a little, and I was getting what looked like q swell black eye. I ran the water and began to bathe my face. When I was through, I went back to the bedroom. Had a few dealings with poor old Walter McFadden from time to time.

He drove the car fast to the highway. He was a little deflated, but still convinced he was right. Allegiance 15 Gold XI» Allegiance 13 Gold SI» American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning is an international indoor and outdoor HVAC manufacturer, providing air handlers, heat pumps, heating systems, heater, furnaces, a/c, air conditioning, air conditioner, electronic air cleaners, energy recovery ventilators, and programmable when death do us part understanding and interpreting the probate records of early modern england loc Oblige us by considering the derivation of the word "sarcophagus," and see if it be not suggestive of potted meats. 75 suzuki ts 250 manual The drop-off is a shop at Roland Ufer 17.

He said as much to two of our people just the other day. The ones who are in charge now, I think. a working manual of high frequency currents classic reprint by noble m eberhart 2020-2-13 · Allegiance® 13 silver X i American standard 14 silver si American standard 13 silver si 1 Acculink™ control board • 2 All-aluminum spine fin™ coil • • • • • All-aluminum duration ™ coil • 3 dual duration ™ compressors • two-stage duration compressor • select models single duration compressor select models • select alter ego 1 french answers He looked across at the bank and saw Calvin locking up. When the doctors went in to take it out, they found that the cancer had already spread to several glands.

It opened on to the High Street, and the sidewalks were busy with people. But besides that reckless humour they carried something else that could only be described here in page after page of inadequate words. 2021-1-16 · Trane Air Conditioning And Furnace Literature Manual American Standard Allegiance 16 4A7A6024A1 15.3 16.8 Carrier Performance 14 Air Conditioner w/Puron 38TSA02434 13.5 15.5 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy the manipulators a conspiracy to make us buy When you came right down to it, he had been living off this society without contributing anything in return. janome serger mylock 203 manual He did the only thing that made sense under the circumstances-he kissed her back.

He was scheduled to get off at four, and their date was set for eight. Surely, Midwest Telephone would have its technical glitches sorted out by then. Together they formed an irregularly shaped red blob in the heart of the country. American Standard Air Conditioners – Choose a New Level of Cool. Stay cool and save a comfortable amount of money with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s line of Allegiance® air conditioners. Our air conditioners range in efficiency from 13 to 20 SEER — among the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. lustiges taschenbuch nr 455 donald ebook I took off his shoes and checked him over pretty well. cell membrane test study guide The audio transmitter permitted its owner to hear instructions relayed from twenty klicks away, but which were wholly inaudible to a bystander.

At sight of him, however, the old man dropped the handles of the barrow, waved him off, and then scuttled into some bushes at the side of the building, rather in the manner of a surprised hen taking cover from a boisterous puppy. He groaned, half-humorously, and tried to quicken his pace. Four trees stood in a clearing among some rhododendron and holly bushes. 2013-9-17 · 13.6 20 1/2 H x W x D 41- 3/4 x 23 x 30-1/2 40 x 21x 28 171 / 160 NATURAL GAS MODELS — Central heat - ing furnace designs are certified to ANSI Z21.47 / CSA 2.3 for both natural and L.P. gas. Limit setting and rating data were established and approved under standard rating conditions using American National Standards Institute standards. the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo scholars choice edition His limbs felt heavy, his chest as if there were a tight band around it. can am outlander renegade 500 650 800 service repair workshop manual 2007 2008 Under my father, it was a spectacular world, but the Tleilaxu occupation wounded our spirit and caused great damage. Even though House Vernius rules again, some things have changed forever. We have always been more of a business than a noble House, and the technocracy has grown more powerful.

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He might have already passed them on the street without knowing it. haynes repair manual isuzu i mark diesel For a time he was silent, stroking its fur, smiling obscurely at the champagne-glass. I will tell you precisely what I want of you. Now, at the end of a long and useful career, I am going to leave Paris. something to shout about A widening pool of blood spilled out onto the impermeable polished stones, where it could be collected and reclaimed. He had diplomatic immunity and should not have been harmed. Unafraid, but sickened by the bloodshed, the Princess stared at him defiantly.

He left special instructions in regard to forwarding of communications. How little his so-called friends cared for him. engine coolant temperature sensor toyota camry 1999 Your world is old-it has seen many changes-is that not so. Creating A Pdf From Wordprimary Care Balancing Health Needs Services And Technology Religion In Amer The surface of the seabed began to collapse inward, dropping away like countless trapdoors beneath not only the Ecazi army, but the mounted Grumman soldiers riding toward them. Rabban knew that House Moritani mined and extracted chemicals and minerals from beneath the ground, but now it seemed that someone had detonated the support walls of the fragile honeycombed shell, causing these particular tunnels to collapse.

Liv skipped along to catch up and slipped through the door after them. She walked against the flow, squinting against the glare and looking for a cab. She saw an empty one, waved it down and slid gratefully into the back seat. Get great deals on American Standard Home HVAC, Parts & Accessories. Take this time at home and knock out some home improvement tasks! Shop at … brian odriscoll the biography As I was saying, my name is Hanner, once Lord Hanner, once Chairman Hanner, but for the moment, simply Hanner. I own this house, but long ago dedicated it to the use of the Council of Warlocks. gelencoe accounting mini practice set 5 answers There were adhesive strips attached to its underside. Instantly, the display shifted from the current time to a preset number and began counting down. A quick scan of the wires leading out from the improvised timer showed no loose connections.

  • The American Standard Platinum 20 is the company’s most premium unit, costing a whopping $6,400 with the installation. While it is the most expensive model, it also boasts the most features. Contrarily, the American Standard Silver 13 is the least efficient model; costing only $3,850, with a 13 SEER.
  • American Standard ALLEGIANCE 2A7A2 Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your American Standard ALLEGIANCE 2A7A2 Air Conditioner. Database contains 1 American Standard ALLEGIANCE 2A7A2 Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Owners manual .
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  • American standard allegiance 14 not cooling the air. all other systems seem to be working. Contractors Assistant: Did you double-check the thermostats settings? And what about the filters? Thermostat fine, kicks in at the right temp, air flow fine just not cool. what filters?

Perhaps Jerome Garner gave you no respect unless your eyes were higher than his. The old man nearly qualified, though he no longer stood as straight as he once had. Then Jerome turned to his father. 2015 nissan frontier fuse guide Bartlett at Ranger headquarters, the gentle Ranger had greeted him with a Tennyson quote, the one he had said a few minutes ago. seed avraham history jewish family This was not anything he had expected.

He should go home and discuss it with his wife before he did anything more. He should go home, to Warlock House, on High Street, just a mile north of this secret room on Wizard Street. He shuddered at the thought, and at the same time he felt a deep longing. Mazda 323 626 929 Glc Mx 6 And Rx 7 1978 89 Haynes Repair Manuals Her marriage could be better, but it could just as easily be worse. There was no shouting or violence, but there was an unstated truce and an underlying knowledge that they did not love each other more today than they had the year before. He was basically a spoiled, selfish boy who refused to grow up. codeine drugs the straight facts After directing the emergency medical technicians on where to go, Brian went back to his Blazer and called in. The guy says a white man beat him up.